Walt Disney Marathon Weekend – Breaking the corral changes down

If you are a runDisney freak like me and are running one of the races during Marathon Weekend,  you undoubtedly have checked out http://www.rundisney.com/disneyworld-marathon/ and found your bib number and corral placement.   Upon seeing your corral placement for said race, you may have scratched your head and pondered.  Or perhaps you are the type who didn’t ponder so much as you shouted out a non-Disney friendly expletive of some sort (no shame here, I’m just saying).

I’m not unhappy with our friends at runDisney, they did tell us that there would be more and smaller corrals and that is a good thing.  But, this does interfere with my post run plans though.  I like to get back to our resort room, take a cold shower, and hit the parks ASAP and this is going to set me back.  Well, by at least 10 minutes, but that is 10 fewer minutes that I have available for standing in line for Toy Story Midway Mania.

Well, our friend over at www.RunKnitTravel put together this little (and I really mean totally amazing – especially since I love statistics but am mathematically challenged!) breakdown of the corrals for Marathon Weekend.   It won’t make your corral placement any “better,” but it will give you some good numbers to noodle on.

Walt Disney Marathon Weekend – Breaking the corral changes down.


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