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Just like any Disney vacation, half the fun of a runDisney event is the prep-work. And I’m not just talking about logging miles! One of the bonuses of planning for a runDisney event is that you can involve your friends and family who will be chEARing you on from home. Who doesn’t want to share the magic? Plus, this is a great way to have a record of your time for yourself for future reference.

So here you have it, runner tracking. Our friends at runDisney have made it simple to share your split times, which is runner jargon for how long it takes you to get to various mile markers on either the Half Marathon or the Marathon (or both if you are Goofy or Dopey enough!). You can send split times via email, text messaging, and PDAs by registering for this service on the website, so make sure you have all the cell numbers and email addresses to which you would like your times sent. You can also sign up for runner tracking at Disney’s Health & Fitness Expo – more on that below!

To sign up online, all you need to is following these steps and you will be on your way to tracking the pixie dust of your favorite runner or making sure your favorite person is chEARing you on back home!
1. Head over to and click on the “SPECTATORS” tab.
spectator main screen

2. Scroll down to “Runner Tracking” and click on the “Sign up for runner tracking!” link.
runner tracking link to click

3. This will take you to another page where you can actually register.
alert sign up page

It is simple to do and you will need to register a free “account” which is as easy as providing your name, email and creating a username and password. Once you are registered and signed in, just follow the directions:
~~Type in the name of the runner you want to track. The system lists the name of the person you are searching for if they are registered.
~~Click on the tracking options you want that are to the left of the name.
~~You have the choice of tracking someone via phone, email, Facebook or Twitter. You will be sent a confirmation, once you have submitted your mobile device number. YOU MUST RESPOND TO THE CONFIRMATION IN ORDER TO RECEIVE MESSAGING.

If you sign up for your times to appear on Twitter and/or Facebook, a notice will be tweeted or posted like this:
twitter facebook

If you forget to sign up for runner tracking before you leave for Walt Disney World or you just can’t seem to figure out the online stuff, don’t worry! The folks at runDisney have you covered at the Expo. Just head to Champion Stadium area of the WDW Marathon Expo and you can sign up there with the assistance of a runDisney cast member or volunteer.
While you are at the expo, take a minute to check out the great presentations, including “Information For Runners and Spectators” by a runDisney Panel, each day at Noon:

Whether you’re running or cheering, our panel of experts will tell you everything you need to know about the 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon Courses. We’ve lined up the race director, course director and spectator experts to share out all the important details; they’ll also take some time to answer questions from the crowd in an interactive Q&A session.

Finally, check out the official Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend program http:// which gives you great information on the courses, great spectator viewing locations and more! It is a great tool for folks who are tracking you to imagine where in the WORLD you are at any given moment and it is a must have for runners.

Want to know more about the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend? Just click on the Virtual Walt Disney World Mararthon Weekend Blog Hop logo below and you can find more pixie dusted info from folks who are in the know!

Virtual Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Blog Hop Directory


15 thoughts on “Virtual Walt Disney World Marathon Blog Hop ~ runner tracking

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  1. Shannon- you have made this process so simple! I always send my info to the hubby if he’s not with me; this way he feels like he’s part of my “team”. Your step-by-step tutorial is just perfect, especially for runDisney newcomers!


      1. Thanks for chEARing me on! Wish you could be there but can’t wait till March!

        Via iPhone



  2. Great info and perfectly explained. I’ve had a few friends ask me how to track my progress (I’m so sorry for them) and wish I could’ve just sent them to this link! Now I will. Thanks Shannon!


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