Adventures in Epcot® Dining Featuring Tokyo Dining

Again, a million thanks to Janice Brady for inviting me to be a Guest Contributor to her magical site: The Adult Side of Disney!

We are a family of adventurous eaters. Well, at least half of us are. My oldest daughter and I are “the” two and we made it a goal to eat at all of the World Showcase restaurants. We had been in a Disney dining a rut. It was a happy rut because as you may know, I have a thing for Via Napoli and I love San Angel Inn Restaurante’s  mole, but I digress.  It was a rut. And I like goals. Seems reasonable enough and really, since I do all the planning, my family doesn’t mind joining in these little adventures!

Which brings us to Tokyo Dining.  If you checked out my latest edition of “Ten Things I Learned on My Last Trip”  you know that you have a prime viewing spot for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth from this lovely restaurant, which makes it a winner in my book from the get-go. The restaurant is located at the top of a grand staircase which leads to the second level of the building on the right as you are facing the Japan pavilion (sounds more complicated than it is, but just to get your bearings, as there isn’t a flashing neon sign directing you to the door).

It is beautiful at night!

To check-in or to get on the stand-by list for either Tokyo Dining or Teppan Edo, the other table service restaurant located in Japan, you need to stop at the kiosk located at the bottom of the steps.

Don’t get confused. Check in here and then go up to the restaurant!

Reservations for dinner were pretty easy to secure, though the dining room is rather small.  The interior is rather sleek, but those shiny surfaces also come with very little sound absorption so the place is rather noisy.

It is pretty sleek, no? photo credit to Rachel Horsley


The service was amazing, though! We honestly felt pampered the whole time, including the hot towel we received upon being seated that gave us all a fresh lemon grass scent. I did take note that every guest who came after us also received the same treatment, so it wasn’t just that we were particularly in need of some cleaning up.

If we were traveling with a smaller party, I might have opted to sit at the sushi bar which looked like a fun and entertaining place to be, but then we may have missed the incredible view of the World Showcase Lagoon.  Just look at this daytime view and you will see what I mean!


You probably want to know about food, right? They have a wide variety on their menu so there should be something for everyone, even if you aren’t excited about sushi or tempura. I went straight for the sushi and ordered the Dynamite Roll which is a large serving of California Roll with Wasabi Mayonnaise Sauce topped with Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, and Smelt Roe for $15.95 and it was well, dy-no-mite! We are talking seriously yummy. Unfortunately, adventurous eater #2 had a rumbly in her tumbly and not in a good way so she ordered Miso Soup (it was the best Miso we’ve had anywhere, by the way!) and steamed rice, which they were delighted to bring her at no charge. Others in our party order sushi and enjoyed it while others ordered tempura of one form or another and seemed to be pleased, but not thrilled with their selections. Our least adventurous eater ordered the Grilled Salmon and was completely satisfied. To linger a little longer so as to enjoy all of the fireworks, we ordered Green Tea Cheesecake and hot tea. It was a good diversion, but next time I might just make our reservations 15 minutes later or order more warm sake, which might make navigating that grand staircase its own adventure.

I would love to return to eat another Dynamite Roll, but now that I’ve made this “adventures in dining” declaration I’m obliged to stick with it. Our next stop is eitherHacienda de San Angel for a margarita or Restaurant Marrakesh for some belly dancing. I would love to hear which one you would choose!

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