What would Dory do?

Another Disney-loving blogger invited me to be a part of A Month of Finding Dory to celebrate the release of Disney’s Finding Dory – so be sure to check out everything from fun activities for your guppies to how to Disney Bound as Dory – right HERE!fdaf489687

Now, I don’t know about you, but Dory is an amazing hero. I mean the girl can’t remember what she is doing from one minute to the next, but she somehow doesn’t stop. She musters up her courage and her posse and she gets it done. Whatever “it” is.  Dory believes in her own courage even when she can’t remember what she is actually up against. This speaks to me.

I want to be that person. The one who can deal with things on my own terms. When things get rough, I want to feel like I have what it takes to handle it. And I want a group of people around me who know all my issues and who cheer me on anyway.  Nothing standing between me and the big blue world and yet nothing that would keep me too far from home,  you know? And that’s what I want for my family, too.

I grew up in a fairly adventurous family.  And I was always told that anything my brothers could do, I could do. No problem.  When I turned 8 years old, my birthday present was a Yamaha YZ80 off-road motorcycle.  A motorcycle. When I was 8.  That’s the kind of household I lived in.   My parents joyfully took our blended family of 5 kids tent camping for weeks across the western United States so that we could explore the world and learn to “rough it” – more than once.  Marinate in that for a moment before we move on.

Now, my husband isn’t really the rough it or road trip type and I’m not complaining about staying in a air-conditioned hotel with room service or hopping on a plane once in a while,   but I do hope that we have followed somewhat in Dory’s  wake in some of the adventures that we have offered to our girls. And more importantly, that we have helped them learn some good lessons about acknowledging their own vulnerabilities, trusting themselves and having courage, and the importance of mutual support.

He looks pretty calm here.

I think it has worked, at least so far. From that time we all went zip-lining in Whistler, BC and they cheered their dad on to do something he was terrified to do – because believe me, the bears down below didn’t help assuage his fears!

great wall
That guy in the background is holding on for a reason!

Or that hike up the Great Wall of China that required way more physicality than any of us expected but we were there and we weren’t backing down. Or that moment when a boat captain told us we would get in the deep, open water to snorkel because after all, “Nemo needed to be found.” And even now, our oldest is working in South Africa – her 21st country in 20 years – and about to go cage diving with great white sharks because she is more fascinated by learning about them than she is afraid of them. (**Mom’s Disclaimer: I hope the sharks know Dory’s “just keep swimming” mantra and they pass by her cage and keep on going!)

We are literally Finding Nemo and Dory!


Now, don’t get me wrong. My girls could have learned all these things through different methods in our own backyard. But I believe that there is something about sending them out into the world that will instill in them the ability, against all odds, to find their way back home.

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