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Who (and what?!) is the purveyor?

PUR·VEY·OR : noun– a person or group that spreads or promotes an idea, view, etc, as in “Shannon, Purveyor of Pixie Dust.”C

PIX·IE DUST : noun – a substance or influence with an apparently magical effect that brings great success or luck.


Ok, since we are friends, I’ll tell you.  I was going to name this blog 28.4186° N, 81.5811° W, which are the GPS coordinates of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort. So yes, I could have picked something more awkward than Purveyor.

I like words. I don’t always use them well, but I like them. And I like to think that this little blog that chronicles some of my favorite things (mostly how I manage to keep my wits about me, but with some wisdom of my own sprinkled around here and there), like navigating life with joy & wonder or taking off on adventures wherever my feet or passport might take me.

I wear many hats in this whole purveyor business – mom (of 2 smart & sassy girls), wife (of the same good guy for 27+ years), pastor (of a church with amazing members), friend (of people for whom I am so grateful), resident nutty person (thus the semi-sane requirement). I have been known to chase a squirrel mid sentence. Mostly, I enjoy sharing all of this with you to hopefully help you enjoy whatever the day brings. So, stick with me and let’s purvey some pixie dust together!

Comment, question, idea? Contact me at sldill@me.com.

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