Yes I did, with 23 seconds to spare.

So this is how crazy ideas get started. Back in January I ran a 10k that was hard. For real. Seriously y'all, it was uphill and uphill some more. I didn't plan to run it at any fast clip, I was just out to have a good time, oh and not keel over. Less than... Continue Reading →

Don’t Know ~ but can’t wait to find out!

It is the final countdown of the announcement of the Disney Parks Moms Panel Class of 2015. I feel like the High School Musical soundtrack should be cued up.  I'm wishing upon a star that my name is on that list. It would be a big commitment and would require me to keep my head... Continue Reading →

Pixie Dust and Fluff & Stuff

It just might be what this site is all about, fluff and stuff, as Pooh would say.  Hopefully it will be about all of that and a little more.  You will find my ramblings on life, running and Disney and sometimes all in the same sentence.  So, move all the way to end of your row and... Continue Reading →

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